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good theology should be public theology

We are building a framework to engage every aspect of your world so that you can face the challenges of the day, every day.

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Our mission

To equip pastors and church leaders by deploying a biblically faithful theological framework to engage the challenging moral, civic, and cultural issues the church faces in society.

our convictions

As we seek to fulfill our mission we are guided by these conviction:



A system of rules, ideas, or beliefs that is used to plan or decide something
We’re equipping people with a coherent theology to guide them

A supporting structure around which something can be built
We’re articulating first principles that undergird a biblical worldview

The Cross

Good theology is centered on Christ, who is lord over all.

Building Blocks

With Scripture as our firm foundation, we’re laying down the building blocks of a faithful public witness.

The Public Square

With humble confidence in the power of public discourse, we’re equipping Christians to boldly and winsomely speak truth in the public square.

The Grid

We’re providing structured thought to help Christians address the challenges of the day.

Invitational Space

We’re inviting you into the conversation as we look ahead to the issues of tomorrow.

What we are building

We’re building resources to equip God’s people for their calling
to be salt and light in a world of darkness.


We have been hosting Faith in the Public Square events since 2016 with speakers like Kevin DeYoung, John Stonestreet, Robert George, Ligon Duncan, Peter Lillback, and Harry Reeder, among others. We plan to continue and expand these conferences in the years to come. Sign up below so you can be informed about future events!


We are building a Framework podcast where where we will bring theology to bear on the challenges of ministry and modern life. Sign up below to be notified when we launch!


Framework is already producing written resources to help the church deal faithfully with the challenges of the day through Westminster Magazine and with publications like Faith in the Time of Plague. We plan to continue resourcing the church through both online and print publications. Sign up below to receive our latest resources!

“The church lives in the world and it lives within the domain of political entities. If it is to be faithful to its commission it must make its voice heard and felt in reference to public questions.”

John Murray

Professor of Systematic Theology

Westminster Theological Seminary

"The church must call upon men, not only to receive Christ as Savior, but also to honor him as Lord. And they must be told to honor Him as Lord, not only in their private lives, but in all human relationships, for Christ is indeed 'the head over all things.'"

R.B. Kuiper

Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology, Founding Faculty Member

Westminster Theological Seminary

“This world’s problems can never be solved by those who make this world the object of their desires. This world cannot ultimately be bettered if you think that this world is all. To move the world, you must have a place to stand.”

J.G. Machen

Professor of New Testament, Founder

Westminster Theological Seminary

who we are

core leadership

Dr. Peter Lillback


Dr. John Currie

Faculty Lead

Dr. Harry Reeder


Mr. Jeffrey Hart


Dr. Brian Mattson

Senior Contributor


Dr. David B. Garner

Academic Dean

Mr. Jerry Timmis

V.P. of Advancement,
Engagement, & Strategy

mr. james sweet

General Counsel

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